About DreamSolutions

In 2005, while holding a senior level management position at a leading consumer products manufacturing firm, Mark was contacted by a Hong Kong based manufacturer asking for help in developing their North American business.  After listening to his first future client’s personal, family and business dreams, goals and passions, we agreed to form a new company, “DreamSolutions Marketing Corp.” Over our first year in business, focusing on finding solutions to our clients business dreams, our company had not only found  solutions to achieve our clients dreams and needs, but we had also formed our founding Core Services based on our Core Values:
Core Services are:

* Consumer Product & Program Development, including turn-key systematic product placement – both domestic & international – specializing in the Art, Craft, Hobby and Scrapbook markets, known as CHA
* Sales & Marketing – Strategic Sales Program Development and Implementation
* National USA Sales Team Development
* Distribution Solutions – Low-Cost Pick, Pack and Ship
* Web Design, Digital Marketing and Social Media Development
* Acquisition specialist focused in the Art, Craft, Hobby and Scrapbook markets
* General Business Consulting


Our Core Vales are:

* Servant Leadership
* Striving for Excellence
* Ethical Business Relationships